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 Rules of the Children of the Doujutsu

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PostSubject: Rules of the Children of the Doujutsu   Mon May 31, 2010 11:03 am

Section A
1.To become a child of your said doujutsu you must either be born from a real person from the doujutsu clan, this means no NPC!
Explanation-Say this said person wants to be an Uchiha member, seeing how Sasuke is dead and possibly Madara is alive this said person must put in history, Born into the family of the Uchiha clan from the child of either Sasuke or Madara. (Seeing how this will be unlikely to happen please be sure to say either rebirth of Sasuke rebirth of Madara.) This does apply to custom clans I will get into this in section B.

2.When the leader of the clan dies and has no children this said clan will be taken out of existance.
Explanation-Say the leader of the Rinnengan died that means if the leader never bore children before death the doujutsu along with the clan would be wiped out from existence. Though there are rules to fighting against this.
1a.Implantation-Take the eye of the ninja and implant them into your own, this will lead onto the chakra strain and you would have to cover said eyes for ever until you had to fight.
1b.Chakra Experiments-experiment till you can find some way to make the same clan. This would take at least a ten page thread for this to even work seeing how it took years for Rikudou to even gain the ability to become ninja.

Section B
1.Custom Clan Reserving
Explanation-Custom clan reserving is when you are the maker of the clan and you make it. Simple right? Well in ways yes it can be, you first have to be the real owner and founder of the clan that you are customizing. If not then it will not be approved.

2.Children of the Custom Clan
Explanation-To be a child of the said custom clan you must be in relation of the true creator of the custom clan. This means you have to be either sibling or child of the true leader of the custom clan otherwise you have no proof of being in the clan.

Section C
1.Existing and Dead Jutsu
Explanation-If you make a jutsu that is known as existing jutsu (existing jutsu are jutsu's that you can use because it's custom) If you ask for a jutsu and you do not put in your history that you either learned it from an NPC sensei or the clan leader that is a dead jutsu (dead jutsu are jutsu that can not be used because it was not specified where you learned it from). For it to be an Existing jutsu you need either two of these things...
1a.Explain that either an NPC sensei taught you it, must be a paragraph of history explaining how it was done. or that your clan leader taught it to you, must be a paragraph long explaining how it was done.
1b.It is your custom jutsu

2.Chakra Implantation
Explanation-Only certain clans are known for chakra implantation, some of which are not existing anymore. The Existing Clans are...
1a. Rinnengan Doujutsu
1b. Fuumi Clan
The dead clans are...
1a. Dark Medics
1b. Hakusha (this is the star village clan)
To be in a implantation clan you must be skilled in role playing for various reasons. Reasons being.
1a. People who have Chakra Implantation's are usaully too over powered, limit is at least one or two clans.
1b. People who have Chakra Implantation's offten get complaints on how their attacks make no sense and the topic is braught amongst the administration or the said complainer leaves. (NOTE: WE THE ADMIN DO NOT WANT THIS!)
1c. People who have Chakra Implantation's offten have too many jutsu, this is great only if you were Sennin or Jounin otherwise this would be under the category of Section D number 1 GOD MODDING!.

Section D
Explanation-GOD MODDING is a term that role players use when a said person claims to have an ability that was not of approval...this is under category 1 and this is the worst of all things.
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Rules of the Children of the Doujutsu
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