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 Limited Bloodlines and Clans/ Banned Bloodlines and Clans

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Light Uchiha
Light Uchiha

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PostSubject: Limited Bloodlines and Clans/ Banned Bloodlines and Clans   Mon May 31, 2010 11:05 am

First off before you go making your character it is best if you read this topic it will benefit to you in many ways.

Okay without further A due here is the banned bloodlines and clans

  • Rinnengan-Reason, the rinnegan allows you to control more than one ninja, and controls all elements...
  • Star Bloodline-Reason, died with the star village
  • Fuuma Clan-Reason, died in the fourth great war when rain was demolished
  • Iron Sand Manip/Metal-Reason, died with the 4th Kazekage

Limited Bloodlines and Clans

Uchiha, Allowed to use the sharingan, jutsus that are not allowed

Clay Manipulation, Rock Village Clan, Deidara's Clan, jutsu that are not allowed.
Clay Sacrifice

Raikage's Clan, Lightning village clan, Raikage's Clan, jutsu that are not allowed
Flying Lightning God
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Limited Bloodlines and Clans/ Banned Bloodlines and Clans
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