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 Chuunin Exam Test {First}

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Light Uchiha

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PostSubject: Chuunin Exam Test {First}   Mon May 31, 2010 1:36 pm

Okay here are the Chuunin exam rules.

  • First I will test the gennin who want to take part in the exams.
  • Next I'lll have the passing ninja fight each other till three ninja are left.
  • Last I will have the three ninja each fight their sensei and if they do not have a sensei I will apply one for them
First up here is the Test Sheet

First Section will be- Multiple Choice (.83 points each)

What jutsu is best to be used against a puppet master?
a. Fire
Style Jutsu c. Earth Style Jutsu
b. Water Style Jutsu
d. Bug Jutsu

___2. How many gates of chakra are held in the body
of a "normal" ninja?
a. 10 gates c. 20 gates
8 gates d. 11 gates

___3. The two elements
of normal chakra are...
a. fire and water c. Physical
and Spiritual Energy
b. intelligent and power d. all of the

___4. Who was the true ninja of the Naruto World?
Madara c. Rikudou
b. The 1st Hokage
d. No one they were all ninja before

___5. What clan is
almost completely dead?
a. Uchiha c.
b. Hyuuga d. Nara

___6. What
village best fits into the category of evil?
a. Rain Village
c. Leaf Village
b. Mist Village d. all
of the above

Second Section will be-short answers (.83 points

7. Define chakra

8. name all the original bijuu and
their origin (this does not include zero tail he is not a tailed beast)

What jutsu is best against a sound ninja's sound vibration jutsu and

10. Define ninjutsu

11. Define taijutsu

Define genjutsu

Bonus of section two
13. Define kenjutsu

Section will be- True or False (.83 each)

14. ___ The five basic
elements are air, water, earth, fire, and lightning.

15. ___
Main basic jutsu are substitution, clone, and shadow clone.

___ Chuunin can learn up to two elements.

17. ___ To become an
elite Jounin you must beat the kage in a fair battle

18. ___
Lightning release is the root to almost all powerful element

Fourth Section will be- Paragraph entry (2.5
points each)

19. Write a full paragraph on why you should be

Write a full paragraph on what you plan to do achieve in your future

Score: 100

Your Score: (will be scored by me)

-Only through here may we ninja strive-
I am Light Uchiha
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Chuunin Exam Test {First}
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