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 Rules of Jutsu and Elemental Training

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PostSubject: Rules of Jutsu and Elemental Training   Mon May 31, 2010 11:03 am

Okay people this is the rules for the Jutsu and Elemental Training.

First off, The requirements you will need are, a sensei and the said element for the said jutsu.

Second off, This will take at least 7 paragraphs, this is not all in one posts...and yes this will count if your sensei posts. 7 paragraphs is about five pages long. This may seem a bit over doing it, but we don't want ninja to get it right away.

If your wondering of an Example to do so then here maybe this might help.

Sensei- Okay now follow the steps I have shown you...I will return back within three days...

Description: In a snowy white forest a ninja was seen in a snow jacket and snow pants much like bagy heavy white pants. He stood there as he looks around he sat down in the middle of the area taking out what seemed like scrolls from a his kunai and shuriken pocket. He opens the first scroll reading "Ice Prison" Ice prison technique, alias Hyourou no Jutsu is a Ninjutsu technique used by the Snow ninja Kakuyoku Fubuki. After forming the needed handseals, Fubuki will touch the ground, causing columns of ice to rise from the ground at her foe. If caught, the ice will rise up around her target and imprison them. She can also use this technique as a defensive measure, raising the ice to form a shield against incoming attacks. The ninja looks at the scroll and reads the hand signs which happened to be a "Ground Tap" and chakra exertion. The ninja gets up closes his eyes and charges the required chakra nature element into his hands the ninja visualized his subject to attack which was one of the trees. Suddenly the ninja slams his hands full force into the ground causing a column of ice to tarnish the tree into pieces as it was trapped inside of the ice. Suddenly the ninja had pulled out a kunai tossed the kunai at the ice then through another kunai into the first kunai thrown which had pierced the first kunai through not only breaking the ice but the tree shattered into pieces as well. The ninja smirked seeing that he had mastered the E rank or academy level jutsu. He sat back down studying the next jutsu to master.

Thousand Flying Water Needles of Death, Using this jutsu, Haku gathers some water from the air and surrounding environment into one thousand long needles. He then directs them to a specific target at high speed, leaping backwards before impact so he doesn't get caught in the crossfire. While the needles do surround a target from all sides, they don't appear above the target, creating an escape route. Haku is able to perform this jutsu with one-handed seals, allowing him to pin an opponent's arm and attack while they cannot use any techniques themselves. The handsigns were simple but desired speed, "Reverse Half Ram", "Half Bird", "Half Special Boar", "Half Bird", "Reverse Half Ram". The ninja got up and charged chakra into his body and sighed.

The Ninja sighs and tries to develope the speed by starting the handsigns slowly. As he does this the air becomes wet and moist and began to to form ice shards pointing into the air. One shard was made then two then after five minutes seventeen shards were made now pointing down at the ninja. Suddenly they fired down at the ninja. The ninja quickly flips backwards dodging most of the shards but one lodged itself into his left arm. The ninja showed no emotion and then the second time he tried the hand seals his speed was faster than before about three times faster. Suddenly the ice shards formed faster and shot down at him alot faster as he dropped the handseal he then grabed a kunai and instead of dodging them he began to train his weaponry skills for a momment. Suddenly the ninja through kunai in one spot at a certain point and time and the shards shattered before they even hit the ninja. The ninja now looked exhuasted and sat down taking a break. The ninja pulled out the shard out of his left arm and the blood grazed down his arm.

The ninja sat back on the ground opening the last scrool reading the art of Demonic Ice Crystal Mirrors, Haku can create a dome of twenty-one mirrors made out of ice to trap an opponent. Twelve remain at ground level, eight are placed above the first twelve and angled toward the ground, and the final mirror is above the rest and facing the ground. Haku can then enter one of the mirrors and instantly transport to another mirror. While moving about he bombards the opponent with attacks at very high speeds, such that the rest of the world appear to be moving in slow motion compared to him. If the mirror Haku is in is broken, he can leap out of one of the fragments and continue his attack or move to another mirror. The technique requires a large amount of chakra to maintain, so Haku's movement becomes progressively slower the longer he maintains the mirrors. Though they are made from ice, the mirrors are resistant to at least low level fire techniques. He looked at the handsign "Kyo".

The night begins to pass the ninja sits there in his place regaining the lost chakra he used. The ninja gets up and looks at the moon as snow begins to fall from the sky over his head. {Time Skip} The sun rises and it's at least five in the morning judging by the sun being a little bit over the horizon. The ninja gets up from having dozed off under a tree, his cut was healed by the wet snow dropping over the wound. The ninja looks back down at the scroll over looking it. He Begins to form the Kyo handsign as from the ground ice mirrors begin to form suddenly they shatter and turn into water which rains over the ninja causing him and his clothing to be drenched.

The ninja repeats the process as this time the mirrors break ice shards come down towards the ninja. He looks up and flips backwards dodging the shards. He sighs still his face is emotionless... he tries it once more getting the mirrors to stay up but the second he tried to merge in the mirrors they fell apart with him in it so he was sent falling on the ground. Quickly the ninja threw two kunai into the ground and also put his chakra into his feet making him fall feet down and lands on the tops of the kunai handles. He sighs and tries the jutsu once more creating the mirrors he fuses into the mirrors. suddenly he jumps back and forth from three mirrors then it breaks. He lands on the ground on his feet and sighs and sits on the ground trying to see what he is doing wrong.

The ninja suddenly realized it he was focused more on the chakra then to keep the mirrors up. He gets up repeats the jutsu once again and gets into the mirrors and this time it lasts as he hops through fifteen mirrors suddenly they break and he lands on the grounds again. He sighs and uses less chakra to summon the mirrors he walks into the mirrors. He recharges chakra jumps from mirror to mirror. The mirrors stay stable now the ninja draws kunai jumping from mirror to mirror between each jump he throws a kunai at the ground which now he is training for his speed. He jumps faster each second from mirror to mirror within the same speed as haku as the kunai fly by as two is thrown at different times but seem like its the same. Suddenly he closes his chakra and falls to the ground laying there as the mirrors break and turn to water and rain over him again he lies on the ground as the night passes by once again. He lies on the ground tired from the over useage of chakra. The ninja lies there on the ground after learning three new jutsu.

See that post above? thats what I want to see for training.


Elemental training

The Elemental training test is simple

First off, your sensei hands you a peice of paper, you are required to channel your chakra into the paper. The list of elements you have to pick from are

A. If the paper burns, Fire
B. If the paper disintegrates, Wind
C. If the paper turns soggy, Water
D. if the paper turns into a leaf, Earth
E. if the paper turns makes a static sound, Lightning

This is the Simple Genin Test {Note only Genin can learn one element!)

The advanced chuunin-jounin test is different. They channel chakra into their palm.

A. If the palm glows red, Fire
B. if the palm glows white, wind
C. If the palm glows light blue, Water
D. If the palm glows green, earth
E. If the palm glows yellow, Lightning
F. If the palm glows silver, Light
G. If the palm glows black, Dark

{Note, Chuunin can have two elements at a time, and jounin three)

Once you have two or three chakra elements you can combine them into an element, be warned if you make an inaccurate combination you will be reported

Example, Fire, Earth, Lightning= Metal <---that is wrong...the combination for metal is Lightning and Earth

Now if you buy the element you must train to actually earn the element alone to do so we require you do at least 6 paragraph post, no it does not need to be in the same post but do not post again till an admin posts (NPC, which means you are able to post again because no one is there to post with you) How ever we would like it if you did post it all in one post.

After my visit to sunagakure i feel weak becuase i started to think there are ninjas that are way stronger then me and with just my water style i will not be able to beat any strong ninjas and i do not want that to happen so while i was walking back from sunagakure i thought of what jutsu i was going to lean first. After all the thinking and walking i arrived back to kirigakure were i then run off to the training grounds were i did my first training alone and i started to concentrated on what i was going to do and i said to myself "ok now i know which element i am going to learn first" i then get ready for my training confident that i will be able to learn the element.

While i get ready to do my traing a lightning storm starts it was very strong the thunder & lightning were very loud the lightning was reaching the ground hitting trees destroying them and hard to believe no forest fire started i then look at the sky and i yell out happily "yes lightning i was going to do lightning style so this is great" i then get ready to train when i got ready i look at the lightning an i then close my eyes imagining it and flowing my chakra to my hand i feel a spark i open my eyes my hand was kinda burned i knew that i could start the thunder. I get ready again closing my eyes i think of more lightning and flow my chakra to my hand i open my eyes and i look at my hand i concentrated on it after a minute i stream of chakra came out of my hand covering my hull hand i saw it my eyes opened up and i had a suprised face but i then scream "youch" i then feel the lightning burning me i stop flowing my chakra to my hand and the lightning stops my hand was burnt all over and i say "yes i did it i started my lightning style but its no use learning how to do lightning style if i get hurt trying to use it"

I get ready again i think of lightning focusing on my hand sending chakra to it i see the lightning come out and cover my hand it started to burn but i ignored the pain to see if the pain subsides while im using this tecnique.I maintain the lightning on my hand for awhile as it went going i started to ignore more and more the pain untill i did not feel any pain while using the lightning style i stop the lightning and i look at my hand it was more burned then before i bring out some special ointment and i put it on all the burn marks and that sort of stuff disapaer leaving my hand looking new.I then do the same proses like before i think of lightning and i focus on my hand lightning comes out but it hurt for the first couple of minutes ut the pain subsides i stop the lightning and i start it again and i kept doing that for awhile and i saw that every time i felt less pain for less time then i did before i then say "all right i have seen that each time i use the lightning style the more i get used to it acouple more times would help me"

i then concentrate on my hand more then before and i focus more chakra on my hand my hand gets engulfed by lightning but this time i did not feel any pain i yell out "woooohoooo i did it now i can do lightning style with out feeling any pain but before celebrating i should check that this is not just luck" i stop the lightning and i start it up again i did not feel any pain again i knew that i could now use the lightning and that i have learned lightning style but now i want to try out my power i run with the lightning on my hand and i hit a tree and the tree breaks in half and tipped over falling the other way not on me i start to celebrate that now i can do lightning style and i can walk with it and use it as a attack for now.

Now that i can do lightning style i just want to check if its not just that hand that can take the lightning i concentrate on my other hand and i think of lightning my other hand becomes engulfed by the lightning it hurt i stopped the lightning and i groned and i said to myself "oh come on i need to get used to the lightning on my other hnad to" i then do the same thing many times i concentrate on my hand and i think about lightning i impulse lots of chakra to my hand and slowly i start feeling less pain when i use the lightning style on my hand and i stop for a moment and i think "mybe its just for a couple of minutes that my body is ok with the lightning" i then concentrate on the first hand i used lightning style on and i make lightning engulf it i did not feel any thing i do the same to my other hand i did not feel any thing so i kne i was ok with the lightning.

"ok im going to try this last thing" i get really prepared and ready to take some pain i start to flow chakra out of my hull intire body and my hull intire body gets engulfed by lightning it hurt alot but i start to release more chakra to make the lightning get away from my body and now its like a barrier but still burning me i stop it my hull intire body was burned but i ignored it and i do it again and i make the lightning get a little bit away from me and i started walking it still hurt but i was ignoring the pain the bariier destroyed the trees it hit and i loss the feeling of pain i stop the lightning and start it again i did not feel any pain i stop the lightning and i yell out "yeaa i mastered lightning style" very exited and i then say "now that i learned it im guna take a break" i then walk away from the traing area to tell my freinds that i learned lightning style

This Concludes the Elemental Training Rules
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Rules of Jutsu and Elemental Training
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